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I really wasn't prepared or maybe I didn't know what to really expect during this job interview today. The job is caring for the elderly. Clients include those with dementia, disabled etc. So the interviewer asked :
Are you okay working with dying patients?
(Most of our patients are DNR so your CPR skills are useless)
Do you have a problem cleaning them up before they are taken to the morgue?
Can you identify a bed sore?
And so on......
-I've been working in this field for a long time. This is the first time I have been asked if I was okay helping someone in their dying process. I immediately had thoughts of sage, incense and candles. Somewhat of a George Harrison way of dying. (Sorry to those who are still sensitive about all this)

-Needless to say to my amazement I totally aced the quiz they gave me which helps considering I looked like total shit when I walked in there.
I'm hoping the other job I interviewed for last week comes through rather than the one above. I would much rather be helping someone in a creative way rather than on their way to the other side. But I guess in a way, if I'm meant to be that last person they see before they die it's okay.. it's just a little sad? weird? depressing? enlightening? And the question to myself.. would you feel a little weird getting paid for doing something such as this? It feels a little 1-800-dial-a-friend that CA. taxes are paying for. But if I consider my own life and when I die I know that if someone, stranger or not could be there to hear my last words it would be nice.
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