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-I'm on day 5 of not smoking. Not even a puff. I've finally done it. Thanks to the guy from the pranic healing session the other night who, when he was done looked at me and said, "You shouldn't want a cigarette anymore" and he was right. My body is still adjusting but I can tell I have more energy, I can taste food better and I don't have any heaviness in my chest anymore. This is a major goal of mine, something I've wanted to do before I turn the big 30. But it does feel like a part of me has died, kinda sad, but which I'm assuming is creating new space for great things.

I've listened to this song 4 times. I wonder what is different about it tonight?

-I've noticed I've been more nostalgic and sensitve at night lately.. a stronger connnection to the stars and to those who have passed on when I look into the sky. I feel as though my higher self is calling me and I'm looking at the moon with fresh new eyes. My emotions have overtaken everything and I feel I'm operating on genuine and mystical themes floating in the air that I just can't help but breath into my heart and savour. It feels so pure I get teary-eyed, my head bows between my shoulders and I simply absorb the essence of whatever it is that's there.
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