Jan. 13th, 2006

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     I've been thinking way too much about the future as of late.  It started out when I found out I got a raise in my salary and I started imagining all the new stuff I could get as in a new guitar, new amps etc.  That turned into oh wow!!  I could buy a van, throw all my shit in there and go on the road and live the life of a starving musician.  I've been writing songs like mad, more than I ever have before. 

     Then I had this dream where I was in a bar watching Amy Ray (from the Indigo Girls) sing/play.  She came over to talk to me and I picked up my cell phone and called [livejournal.com profile] biffah saying "You will not believe who I am talking to right now" and Amy told me to tell her hello.  She had asked me to ask biffah something but I forgot what it was.   I then ended up in my underwear and some strange man staring at me.  Not sure how that happened.

     A couple of days ago I thought it would be a good idea to pay UCA back enough money to release my transcripts to U of A.  But I've had many reservations about it and I'm not sure I want to jump back on the school wagon or the Arkansas wagon for that matter.  Besides, I have no idea what I would go to school for at this time.  Music would be quickest and easiest.  If I have learned anything since I have been out of school it's that to study something you love so much will most likely turn you away from it.  But that's just me.  I get burn-out too easily I suppose.

     And then now I'm thinking, what the fuck?  I'm in Northern Cali, I've worked hard to get here, what the hell am I thinking?! geez.

     So now all I have to think about is what I am going to do after the summer is over.  I'm going up to Berkeley soon to check out the area.  I've been told it's a lot like Santa Cruz, just with more stuff to do.  I will be looking for some place to move in late Aug./Sept./Oct.  with many prospective destinations.  If anyone is looking for a roomie by then, hit me up. 

In other news:

-Running with Scissors is a fucked up book!! (And I thought my childhood was depressing)  I'm almost done and will continue on to the sequel. 

-I'm still working out.  As dull as that sounds I think my body is resisting such a workout and therefore rejecting all new muscle gain.  I think it's going through a period of shock.

-I've been watching Sex in the City from the beginning.  Granted it's not quality entertainment, but I have no love life of my own.  What better way to learn the ropes without having to go through my  own personal crisis?  Thank you Carrie for inspiring me to have yet another cigarette.

-I bought Kamel Red Lights the other day and thought about all the things associated with them. 

-The Bombay Oven is the greatest and cheapest Indian food around.  My new favorite beer is IPA (India Pale Ale).

-Supposedly I won a lottery.. more on that later when I know for sure.  But wouldn't it be grand? 

-Speaking of money, I had a dream last night I was playing Blackjack in some casino.  I suppose these nights it's open dream season which can be quite inspiring and sometimes just all out crazy.

-The band Kasabian totally rocks!!!  I got their cd a while back when I was in Amoeba Records.  I had been looking for the album for quite some time in the used section.  And then there it was, randomly placed next to Tori's Under the Pink in the used section.  It was a sign!!!!  I got both.

-I am planning on going home sometime around the 3rd week of April! 

-I can't wait to see [livejournal.com profile] biffah when she gets here.  It will be interesting trying to make plans with my schedule but damn it!!!  It's gonna happen.




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