Feb. 15th, 2006


Feb. 15th, 2006 10:09 pm
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It was warm now it's cold. Am I in Arkansas again? This weather is fucked.
I am proud of myself for saving money. What to do with it is the real question. A new laptop is first on my list. I think I'm getting an apple ibook. I'm undecided about a vehicle at this point. I'm contemplating a move to Santa Cruz, not sure yet. But a girl I know has a house there with some vegan roomates. She said everyone wants to move in her house that goes to school there and that I would fit in perfectly with her roomies. Best of all rent is $420 which is unheard of AND it's a house. Just thinking here.. nothing set yet. But living there wouldn't really mean I need a vehicle, just a HEY BITCH I NEED A RIDE... service.

-I missed Biffah on Monday... damn it!!! (LJ is fucked up so no pretty blue color). Sorry dahling I will see you very soon.
-SHOUT OUT TO MARTIN!!!! Quit reading this shit incogntio and get an account. yo moma is on crack rocks or whatever the hell it is.
-Today I met two people from Nepal who are volunteers. Later in the week when I get my CA. driver's license I will be showing them around the city and what not. Me + Nepalians(?) + van = somebody is getting drunk. Which reminds me I need a corkscrew.

-I wish I could be like Carrie from Sex in the City and set up a bridal registry because I am marrying myself. Which is sort what I did for Valentine's Day. I thought I would do something out of the ordinary. So I went to Palo Alto to the Tower records there. Thought about buying some porn but... where the hell is all the gay porn? Gay people need love too ya know.. well porn that is. And WHY are all the porn dvd's in the Classical section right next to The World's Greatest Tenor Songbook and Handel's Messiah?! Dear Tower Records... get a better selection of material.. Anal Empress just doesn't work! And besides.. who do you think is buying up all that classical music? It ain't the straight jock who just came from the gym. On behalf of all gay musicians in the Bay Area.. get some balls damn it! No man wants to watch pussy when he's listening to Schuman. geez! So I didn't get any porn. Instead I got Odetta"s Ballad and Blues. This cd is totally amazing..I mean I never knew she was so awesome and idolized by Janis Joplin (who was inspired to sound like her) and Bob Dylan and many many other people. I'm glad I found her. I'm also glad she wasn't anywhere near Busty Babes do NY.

-Blake is in AR for 2 weeks. It's weird being here dealing with everyone by myself.
-I HAVE to quit smoking. yes, you might ask... indigocraig.. why have you tried so many times and you still smoke? and I say.. shut the fuck up and give me a cigarette and quit asking me these damn questions. I try, I really really do!!!!! obviously, not hard enough and somewhere inside me is that self-control button that is possibly stuck and won't budge or I just haven't found it yet. I need help! bad! sigh.... I will keep you posted. Maybe if I log more entries on LJ I will have something to do with my hands. Then you all can read about my darker side of life. As for now.. gotta go smoke.



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