Feb. 27th, 2006

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It seemed liked a very short weekend. Maybe it was because I was so tired while having so much fun. It was another respite weekend with the kids. These kids are amazing! I grow to love them more and more every crazy weekend they come here. It's usually the same group of kids, the same ones that have been coming to camp once a month since October.
This weekend's theme was the solar system, which I haven't studied in years. Yes.. I had to study. Not to mention I knew for a fact that some of the staff were taking Astronomy at San Jose State and various other places. For my own music programs it was difficult to integerate the solar system theme in to my plans. Seeing as how not much music and or drama really occur on the outer edges of our galaxy. Except, for those rare recordings of outer space which let's face it.. it's mostly air. The only drama I could think of was the Alien movies and possibly the drama of UFO's. In the end I decided to teach how to appreaciate beauty in the vastness of our universe by relaxing our senses. To feel how distant we really are from say.. Pluto. Then I went into cool facts.

Next we discussed getting them all new acts for the Talent Show. Most of them have been doing the same acts since I saw them last summer. The show had a new energy flow this time. People were trying new things and were being challenged to find creativity within themselves. I've learned that for the vast part of the human race, not in just disabled people but in all people alike and no matter how well educated they are everyone needs some sort of creative direction through creative guidance. Mainly, from an outside source in order to go further and find an inner voice. Having that exchange in energy benefits each person.
In all, just keeping things real and fun.

I went to bed at 4 p.m. yesterday and woke up at 4 a.m. today.
Since 4 it has been cold, windy and raining.


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