Mar. 18th, 2006

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Today I took my friend Krishna out shopping. It was actually me shopping with him tagging along looking for the best phone card he could find to ring up Nepal. We then went to The Bombay Oven where I watched him relive some part of his past through his sense of taste. Feeling good I then introduced him to the evils/goodness of Starbucks in which he promptly threw his venti coffee in the trash. Secretly I was thinking... save that shit for later bitch! oh well.

I got the Fade to Red Tori Amos video collection. I'm saving the moment to watch it when I open my bottle of Jack and my 6 pack of IPA's.
I also stumbled upon an album I've been looking for. Thanks to for introducing me to deadboy & the Elephantmen. I got the album they put out last year called We are Night Sky. Kudos to a band that makes awesome music out of Oxford, Mississippi. Who would have thought I would find them in Los Altos, CA.? The lead singer (Dax Riggs) has a voice like hot sex on a platter.

Today 2 inches was cut off of my hair. I hate those moments when you sit down in the chair and you examine yourself for new silver hairs and.. yes keep the side burns, yes I know it's getting thin up there and no I don't want gel, no I don't want hair color, no I don't want the the $25 bottle of shampoo that makes your head tingle. Gone are the days of Wild Hair, hello Super Cuts.


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