Mar. 25th, 2006

Long Beach

Mar. 25th, 2006 08:37 am
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I made it into Long Beach at 6:30 this morning. It was a rough ride. Not to mention that in Fresno the bus was 2 hours late, but I somehow made it here on time. I swore years ago that I would never take Greyhound again, but.. whatever, I'm here. The thought of leaving Cupertino didn't actually set in until I was rolling through L.A. at 5 this morning and I was staring at the Capitol Records building. It was nice. I was in the front of the bus watching the road and in my stomach I felt this tug and pull like there was a cord attached to me that was saying.. you made the right choice, congratulations! It was an odd feeling to describe, one of comfort, excitement and strangely enough being content. I've always hated L.A. for no other reason than the smog and I thought it was really dirty. But actually going through there and coming to Long Beach it all made sense. It didn't seem so wrong.

I did meet a lot of interesting people. I talked to this one lady name Nora who is a social worker and we were comparing notes on homeless and disabled people. I talked for a while with an ex Marine (who was hot) who was telling me about his heart and that it only beats 38 beats a minute. He said doctors haven't been able to diagnose him. He is off to Arizona. I wish him well.

It's great seeing Michelle and Nadia!! How I've missed them.
Currently, I have to catch up on some sleep while they are gone so later we can go out on the town.


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