Apr. 24th, 2006


Apr. 24th, 2006 04:48 pm
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*Is anyone using a Mac and can tell me how to actually insert LJ user links? Since I got the Mac I don't see that option anymore.. just curious.

To downsideofgrace.. yes that's THE haunted hotel, Brooksdale (I think) you were thinking of. I passed by there again today. The flier says that in the 40-50's the owner's daughter drowned in the creek that runs through the hotel. Apparently, people have seen this girl in a pink dress dancing across the lobby. I was running a little late today and didn't get to investigate. Also, loads of famous people have stayed there like James Dean and Shirley Temple once lived just down the road from it. *They also do weddings there.lol. At least you wouldn't need a flower girl. haha. Just keep Biffah away from the creek.

I've been in movie mode lately, which is unusual. I recommend (I forgot who the writers/directors are) the following:
-Dreams, a movie by a well known asian director who made 8 short films about these dreams he had. Fantastic, beautiful and creepy!
-The Sacrifice, originally in Swedish (I think) with English subtitles about this man who makes a deal with God to protect his family during war.. this leads him to a witch and then he goes completely nuts. It starts out a little slow but is fucking amazing.
-I was going to put another one here.. where is my memory today?! ummmm... yeah.

I had a total flashback of Spirit's Landing today as I entered this pagan store on Pacific Ave. It must have been all the combinations of incenses around with an overpowering smell of frankincense and myrrh. I got 2 candles, one white, one black and some sandlewood. The owner does readings behind some fabric that's hanging in a doorway in the back. I got some really good vibes off the place and the girl behind the counter was exceptionally talkative.

*I'm seeing Lisa Dewey in concert this Wed in Santa Cruz., at the Crepe Cafe. She's from San Jose. If anyone wants to go hit me up! You can listen to her on my myspace profile page. I would insert a link here but .. see above. arrg.

-Currently, I'm leaving the cafe to go buy some acrylic paints. It's been a LONG time, over a year since I've done any artwork. I'll post a pic of it/them when I'm done.


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