May. 1st, 2006

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I was driving today and got stopped at an intersection by protests in the streets. I finally made it to work and my boss said I didn't have to work and I could go join the protests if I wanted. So I did. I caught up with the crowd several blocks later on my bike. I walked, pushing my bike through the crowd and through the streets of Santa Cruz for miles while chanting and clapping. The most amazing part was when we came over the hill, I had no idea there were people already downtown waiting for us. So here I am in a parade of countless people and when the downtown crowd saw us cross over the hill they yelled and played their drums for us. It was totally amazing, I got chills. Then everyone from downtown joined us and we all headed to the park. It's estmated there were over 3,000 protestors but I think there were hell of a lot more. This thing went for miles. I was glad to take part.
*This is what the protest here looked like today.

After all this was done I rolled up my pants, took off my shirt and jumped in the ocean. It's the first day it has been warm enough for a swim.


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